Abdominal cavity (bovine)

Nodular lesions in the pleura, peritoneum and viscerae of a calf


Widespread nodular lesions were found in the thoracic and abodminal cavities of an 11 months old male calf. The pleura and peritoneum were involved as were viscerae such as the heart, lungs and liver. An abundant yellowish exsudate was also present. (more…)

Yellow fat disease


Changes in the appearance of the fatty tissue in the abdominal and thoracic cavities were observed in a carcass of a 21 monts old Friesian male cow. (more…)

Nodular cystic lesions in the abdominal cavity.


In a 15 years old, female cow of the breed Bruna dels pririneus, multiple nodular cystic lesions were observed in the abdominal cavity. (more…)

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