Game meat

Cases from Game meat processing establishments.

Year 2018 summary


During 2018 SESC has managed a total of 121 queries. Of these, 13 were solely telematic and the remaining 108 requests corresponded included samples for laboratorial analysis. (more…)

Year 2017 summary


During 2017 a total of 98 queries have been managed in SESC. Of these, 14 were purely telematic and the remaining 84 requests corresponded to laboratory analysis of samples.

Purple coloured large intestine wild boars


Through game meat processing establishments images were submitted of wild boars captured in the Alt Emporda region in Catalonia with an intense purple coloration of the large intestine. (more…)

What is your diagnosis? (39)


At the end of the post you can vote for the right diagnosis! (more…)

Year 2016 summary


During 2016 a total of 83 queries have been managed in SESC. Of these, 11 were purely telematic and the remaining 72 requests corresponded to laboratory analysis of samples.

This is not a Trichinella!


From an establishment processing game meat,  samples were submitted of nematode larvae that were found in the muscle tissue artificial digestor for the diagnosis of Trichinella. The larvae are very different from Trichinella spp. but the inspector was curious about what species it were and what was its origin.


Postmortem decomposition changes in wild boar carcasses


Samples and images from wild boar carcasses with greenish discoloration were submitted to SESC, from a game meat processing establishment. (more…)

Granulomatous lymphadenitis in a wild boar


A meat inspector form a an establishment processing game meat subitted samples  of tracheobronchial and prescapular lymph nodes froma a wild boar carcass (Sus scrofa). The lymph nodes were slightly increased in size and hardened. When sectioned, mineralized and whitish lesions were obsereved. (more…)

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