What is your diagnosis? (100)


Yay! Today we present the Nº 100 edition of our “What is your diagnosis?” section. (more…)

E. coli pyelonephritis in a pig carcass


Samples of kidney from a porcine carcass were submitted from a hybrid male, 6 months old. The meat inspectors realized that besides the cortical lesion, showing whitish areas surrounded by a hemorrhagic halo, the renal pelvis was dilated. (more…)

The invisible zoonosis (I): Salmonella in pig meat


Salmonella is a major foodborne pathogen worldwide. A total of 91,857 cases of salmonellosis were reported in the European Union during 2019 (EFSA 2019), of which 8,730 were registered in Spain. (more…)

An (atypical) case of PDNS that set off the alarms


Samples were submitted of a 6-month-old hybrid male pig carcass with widespread petechial haemorrhagic lesions of lymph nodes, skin, kidneys, spleen, and other viscera, as well as gallbladder oedema. (more…)

Twenty years of porcine neoplasms


SESC collaborating pathologists have compiled all the neoplasms diagnosed in Catalan pig slaughterhouse during the last 20 years. (more…)

What is your diagnosis? (93)


At the end of the post you can vote for the right diagnosis!  (more…)

Year 2020 summary


During 2020 SESC has managed a total of 140 queries. Of these, 10 were solely telematic and the remaining 130 requests included samples for laboratorial analysis. (more…)

Serous inclusion cysts in the uterus of a sow


Samples of a 3-year-old crossbred sow uterus were submitted, wich presented multiple cysts of variable diameter (0.5 to 5 cm) and serous content adhered to the serous membrane of the organ. (more…)

Pig carcasses with black guts


Samples were submitted of pig intestines from a batch in which 100 animals showed a black coloration of the intestinal mucosa along its entire length. The coloration was limited to the mucosa without delving into the other layers of the intestine. No lesions were reported in other viscera. (more…)

Multifocal necrotizing myositis in a pig carcass


In a 6-month-old pig carcass, a lesion affecting the muscles of the back and, partially, the subcutaneous fat was observed with yellowish coloration and hardened consistency. (more…)

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