Head (porcine)

Haemorrhages in a pig carcass: Don’t panic!

With the recent detection of cases of African Swine Fever (ASF) in wild boars in Belgium, anyone can see that there is a certain risk of introduction of this disease into our territory. Also Classical Swine Fever (CSF) might be introduced. Therefore it is essential that all the actors involved in the pig sector are trained and alert. Two essential aspects for the control of these diseases are biosecurity and a good system of passive surveillance that ensures an early diagnosis.


Atrophic rhinitis


Several cases are submitted to SESC of pigs with shortened or deformed snouts and, in section, atrophy or absence of nasal turbinates. (more…)

Earless pig


A pig’s head was submitted which lacked one of its two ears. Instead a scar could be observed. When tissue sections were performed it was seen that the ear canal was present. (more…)

The pig with a giant ear


A 2.5 years old, mixed breed sow presented at the slaughterhouse with a unilateral enlargement of the pinna. When cut, it showed a gelatinous consistency (edematous) and whitish colouration. (more…)

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