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Crateriform skin lesions on pig carcases


In this post we discussed the possible etiologies of skin lesions crateriformes observed in two pig carcasses. (more…)

Hemorrhagic diathesis in a pig carcass


In a 6 months old, mixed breed, pig carcass multiple hemorrhages (petechiae and ecchymoses) were observed on the skin, thoracic and abdominal cavities serous membranes. The lymph nodes had a haemorrhagic appearance throughout the carcass. (more…)

Jaundice in a sow


In a reproductive sow carcass a widespread yellowish pigmentation was observed in the skin, serous, viscera, etc. The liver was friable and, when sectioned, the presence of gas bubbles and areas of whitish to gray color alternating with areas of dark red to greenish discoloration were observed. (more…)

Melanosis uberis in a pig


In a 7 months old, male, crossbreed pig carcass multifocal areas were observed at the ventral subcutaneous adipose tissue with presence of black filamentous lesions. (more…)

Five reasons a pig carcass might turn red


Since we published the Case of the red pig we have received many inquiries about the origin of reddish lesions on the skin of pig carcasses. (more…)

What is your diagnosis!? (12)


At the end of the post you can vote for the right diagnosis! (more…)

The curious case of the red pig


A 2 years old, mixed breed sow carcass presented a generalized skin erythema and, in certain lymphnodes, a slight reddening of the cortex was observed. (more…)

Mystery dermatitis


In a cross breed, 6 months old, pig carcass skin lesions were observed in the back and hindquarters (more…)

Insect bite dermatitis


In a batch of a 100 mixed breed 6 months old pigs, generalized skin lesions were observed, multifocal, rounded, 1 cm in diameter, reddish and with a darker central area.

What is your diagnosis? (10)


At the end of the post you can vote for the right diagnosis! (more…)

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