Images were submitted from a calf with a malformation in its face, the meat inspectos suspects it is a case of harelip and cleft palate (palatoschisis).

The experts in anatomy and embryology, after examining the images, concluded that it is not a case of palatoschisis but was a maxillary hypoplasia. The most rostral palate ridges had not been formed and, due to this lack of tissue, the nasal and oral  cavities were not separated. The nostrils were not completely closed and there was a deficiency in the formation of the upper lip.
You can see a similar (not identical) case published in VetRecord Case Reports.

Calf head (tongue out and separated laterally). It can be observed that the nostrils are not properly formed and there is no complete separation of the oral and nasal cavities.


Detail of the maxilla (photographed upside down on the table). Lack of formation of the most rostral palate ridges.


Detail of the maxilla (photographed upside down on the table). Defect of formation of the nose and upper lip. The oral and nasal cavities are connected.