A paper has been recently published in the journal Veterinary Pathology (as a commentary) which reviews the first 6 years of operation of SESC, the slaughterhouse support network.

The SESC is an initiative funded by the Public Health Agency of Catalonia, and it is carried out by CReSA with the collaboration of other experts from UAB and IRTA.
It is an innovative tool to support the slaughterhouse veterinary official meat inspectors in their diagnostic needs.

Article SESC

The article is a review of the cases managed between 2008 and 2013, illustrated with 36 figures and thoroughly detailed througout 13 tables included in the supplementary material associated. The results obtained during these years are discussed in the context in which SESC operates: Catalonia. Meat inspection plays a key role not only regarding public health (prevention of zoonoses and food borne diseases) but also regarding animal health (epidemiological surveillance). Synergies are generated from the collaboration between the public administration and academic and research institutions.

You can request a copy of the article to read this summer here.

We’d like to take this opportunity to wish you a happy summer!

Six-Year Follow-up of Slaughterhouse Surveillance (2008-2013): The Catalan Slaughterhouse Support Network (SESC).
Vidal E, Tolosa E, Espinar S, Pérez de Val B, Nofrarías M, Alba A, Allepuz A, Grau-Roma L, López-Soria S, Martínez J, Abarca ML, Castellà J, Manteca X, Casanova MI, Isidoro-Ayza M, Galindo-Cardiel I, Soto S, Dolz R, Majó N, Ramis A, Segalés J, Mas L, Chacón C, Picart L, Marco A, Domingo M.
Vet Pathol. 2015 Jul 13. pii: 0300985815593125. [Epub ahead of print] PMID: 26169387