Pale to black multifocal areas of discoloration which deepen into the liver parenchyma in a hybrid 6 months old pig.

The rest of the carcass and viscera showed no remarkable changes. Histopathological study showed areas of normal liver parenchyma mixed with areas of coagulative necrosis and hemorrhage (acute injury) and other areas with fibrosis and macrophage infiltration (injury of a more subacute – chronic nature). It is a rare degenerative lesion with different concomitant stages of evolution. Histopathology can not determine the cause, but the type of lesion and distribution suggest that it could be of an ischemic or toxic origin.

Figura 1

Pale discoloration of the liver, with hemorrhagic areas of multifocal distribution.

Figura 2

The liver’s visceral aspect has the same lesions which, upon section, deepen into the hepatic parenchyma..