In a 6 months old, commercial hybrid pig carcase multiple, sharply demarcated, miliary black lesions were observed. The distribution was bilateral and the spots were a little prominent.

Microscopically lesions corresponded to blackheads (comedones). It consists of follicular cysts filled with keratin, some of them associated with a foreign body inflammatory reaction cyst rupture.

The injury is rarely described in pigs. In other species the origin can be actinic (exposure to sunlight), due to certain endocrine disorders (hyperestrogenism, hyperadrenocorticism), to topical corticosteroids and congenital.


Es pot observar que la zona de pell lesionada esta molt ben delimitada.

The area of affected skin is well demarcated.

La distribució de la lesió és bilateral.

Lesion distribution is bilateral.

Detall de la lesió cutània.

Detail of the cutaneous lesion.