A 3-year breeding sow was presented with multiple scattered nodular lesions in the abdominal cavity of variable size, hard consistency and of whitish colouration. These lesions were observed in the ovaries, liver, spleen, bladder, omentum, diaphragm and stomach.

An ovarian neoplasm should be inlcuded within the differential diagnosis such as an ovarian cystadenocarcinoma with seeding metastasis into the abdominal cavity. Other malignant neoplasias cannot be ruled out (such as mesothelioma or lymphoma) and also an inflammatory process such as tuberculosis (pearled) should be included in the differential.

Histopathological examination showed a neoplastic proliferation of lymphoid cells, thus the final diagnosis was of a multicentric lymphoma.

Multiple white to red nodules on the serosal surfaces of the abdominal cavity. This pattern is typical of metastasis by seeding.

Multiple nodular lesions in the splenic parenchyma.

Metastasis in liver parenchyma, growing within the hepatic parenchymal, which may suggest a hematogenous origin.

Whitish nodules in the ovaric surface.