Hemorrhagic spots are relatively often observed in the intestinal wall of chickens, at the duodenum level.

This type of images are relatively often seen in poultry farms, but a definitive cause has not been established. Actually those are not considered as lesions, per se, since the possible explanations for such red spots are:

  • Changes during euthanasia. When euthanized small arteries may break and form the image of red dots.
  • In the literature these red areas have been associated with extramedullary hematopoiesis or areas of congestion.

These lesions have been observed in both healthy and diseased animals. So, not much pathological significance is given to them.

Multifocal red spots in the wall of the duodenum can be observed thorugh the serosa.

Appearance of the lesion from the mucosa, after opening the bowel.