Changes in the appearance of the fatty tissue in the abdominal and thoracic cavities were observed in a carcass of a 21 monts old Friesian male cow. The adipous tissue showed a yellow to ochre discoloration. The subcutaneous fat, however, was unaffected.

Histopathology evidenced an intense, diffuse to multifocal, granulomatus inflammatory infiltrate in the adipose tissue as well as adipocytes necrosis and presence of multinucleated giant cells.

These lesions are named steatitis (fatty tissue inflammation), and are also known as yellow fat disease. This alteration is associated with a deficiency of reducing power (antioxidant) resulting from diets rich in polyunsaturated fats and deficient in tocopherols, which may predispose to fatty acid oxidation.

Changes in fatty tissue colour can be observed in the peritoneal cavity’s wall, in the perirrenal fat and in the intercostal spaces.

Detail of the adipous tissue changes of colouration, from white to yellowish.