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The lesions shown in the images are from bufalos of the same herd.

Microscopically, in both cases, cystic lesions were observed associated to a granulomatous immfalamtory infiltrate, with abundant eosinophils.

Big intraparenquimatous cyst in the liver.

Intraparenquimatous pulmonary cyst.

An 80% of the answers were right to establish a diagnosis of a parasitic disease. The intraparenquimatous localization of the cysts pointed to a diagnois of an Hydatid cyst (both E.granulosus and E. multilocularis can produce such lesions).

From a total of 26 answers: 50% E. granulosus, 31% E. multilocularis, 12% Congenital epithelial cysts and 8% C. tenuicuollis.