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Multifocal muscle and bone lesions were observed in a 6 months old, crosbreed, pig carcass. The ribs, vertebrae and diaphragm were involved. Lesions were punctiform, yellowish and had a herdened consistency.


Lesions de localització subpleural

Subpleural lesiones involving the perisotium of the rib bones.


Detall de les lesions, de coloració groguenca amb un halus vermell al voltant.

Detail of the lesions, yellowish with a red halo.

What is your diagnosis? (26)


Histopathological study revealed lesions of focal adipose tissue necrosis, the hardened texture was due to mineralization of the lesions and the red halo corresponded to inflammatory reaction against the necrotic tissue. Focal skeletal muscle tissue necrosis was also observed. A lack of reducing power (Vitamin E and Selenium deficiency) can cause such lesions. %
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What is your diagnosis? (26)
Adipose tissue necrosis
Mycobacteriosis (Mycobacterium avium)
Suppurative osteomyelitis (Trueperella pyogenes)
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