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In a female, 15 years old, bruna dels pirineus breed cow multiple muscular nodules were observed in the heart, masseter and tongue.

Secció del nòdul de la llengua, vist lateral i dorsalment (sagetes). Al tall presenta una coloració blanquinosa groguenca.

Cross section of the tongue nodule, seen laterally and dorsally  (arrowheads). When sectioned, a whitish-yellowish coloration could be observed.


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Histopathological study revealed lesions compatible with a peripheral nerve sheath tumour, a parasite-caused lesion was ruled out. Even though the lesion was multiple, it showed bening histological features.   The location of the lesion in the muscular tissue was also compatible with a case of bovine cysticercosis. The lesion in the tongue resembled that of Actinobailosis (wooden tongue).
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What is your diagnosis?
Bovine cysticercosis
Actinobacilosis (wooden tongue)
Peripheral nerve sheath tumour
Pyogranulomatous bacterial glossitis
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