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In eleven, male, 11 to 12 months old, Blonde Aquitaine calfs, wet, crusty skin lesions and alopecic areas were observed as in the dorsal region,  from the base of the tail to the mid thoracic region.

Lesions crostoses i alopèciques a la pell d'un vedell.

Alopecic and crusty lesions in a calf’s skin.

Detall de la lesió a més augments.

Enlarged detail of the lesion.


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The histopathological study evidenced lesions compatible with a chronic, parasitic, crusty, hyperplasic dermatitis. The inflammatory cell infiltrate, mostly eosinophilic, and the presence of mites amongst the keratin debris suggests it is a case of mange, in cattle it can be caused by Psoroptes spp. or, less probably, by Sarcoptes spp.  which is zoonotic and usually involves the face, but can extend to the body. A third species, Chorioptes spp., usually is distributes in the limbs.   You can check out similar lesions and their histopathological appearance in a case we published a while ago in a lamb: Sarcoptic mange in a lamb.
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Ringworm (Dermatophitosis)
Orf (Parapoxvirus)
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