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What are these lesions observed in the kidneys of a 2.5 years old sow carcass?


Reddish nodular lesions in the kidney of a sow.


What is your diagnosis? (41)


  The animal showed white nodular lesions also in teh lever and attached to the peritoneum, particularly on the diaphragm.

White nodular lesions adhered to the peritoneum.

  Histopathology revealed a neoplastic lymphoid proliferation identified as B cells with immunohistochemistry  (CD3 negative, CD20 positive). The neoplasm was thus classified as a multicentric lymphoma of B cell origin. The red colour of the renal nodules corresponded to haemorrhages on the perifery of the tumoral nodules in this organ.
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Question 1
What is your diganosis?
African swine fever
B cell lymphoma
Mycobacterium avium granulomas
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