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In a 6 months old, cross breed, female, pig carcass the following lesions, among others, were observed in the liver (see images).

The inspector submitting the samples described them as “granulomatous, whitish, cysts which crackled when cut of varibale size, up to 7mm.” In addition, the liver has a friable consistency.

Whitish lesions in the liver parenchyma.


Detail of the lesions.


When cut, the lesions, delve into the parenchyma.


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  The four diseases might show whitish lesions in the liver. In this case, however, histopathology revealed a neoplastic lymphoid proliferation infiltrating the hepatic parenchyma classified as a multicentric lymphoma since the same proliferation was observed in the different samples of lymph node analysed.
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Ascaris suum
Salmonella cholerasuis
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