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In a 5 years old, Friesian, cow carcass the presence of different masses of variable size (10 to 20 cm),  whitish-yellow coloration and hardened consistency was observed in the mesentery.

The masses had variable sizes and colouration and were found amidst the mesenteric adipose tissue.


Detail of the sectioned mass.


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The study showed histopathological lesions compatible with adipose tissue necrosis. It is a necrotizing granulomatous steatitis, multifocal to coalescing, chronic, severe (with fat saponification). The lesion is known as bovine abdominal fat necrosis, the cause of which is unknown and is usually found only when sacrificed. In extreme cases  mesenteric fat can entrap the intestines and cause stenosis. You can look at other pictures here.
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Tuberculous granuloma
Adipose tissue necrosis
Sporadic bovine lymphoma
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