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In a female, 6 months old, hybrid breed, pig carcass multiple pointiform cutaneous black lesions were observed.

The lesions were bilateral and affected a sharply defined area of the skin around the tail.

Bilateral and simmetrical lesions around the tail.

The affected area is sharply demarcated.

Detail of the lesions.


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Histopathology evidenced that the lesions consisted of follicular cysts filled with keratin, some of them associated with inflammation, that is, they were comedones (Blackheads). A very similar case was previously described in this forum. The origin of the lesion is not clear, nor the reason for such a sharply delimited and symmetrical distribution. It could possibly be related to the migration of the cells of the neural crest, which are the origin of melanoblasts in the dermis. It would be the same phenomenon that explains the black and white spots of certain cow and pig breeds.
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Punctiform melanoma
Fungal dermatitis
Follicular cysts (blackheads)
Cutaneous melanosis circumscripta
Follicular hematomas
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