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In a 15-month-old male, Montbelliard calf, there was an increase in size of the two kidneys with a rough surface and a pale coloration.

Kidney. Bovine. Increase in size, pallor and rough surface.


In the section we can see that the lesion affects the whole renal cortex and partially the medulla.


Detail of the parenchyma to the section.


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  Histopathology showed that the lesions consisted of an embolic nephritis (caused by septic emboli originating in another focus of primary infection, typically in the endocardium of the cardiac valves) and severe infarction, caused by bigger emboli able to clog arteries. The microbiological culture gave a negative result, thus the etiologic agent could not be identified in this case, but in cattle Trueperella pyogenes is usually isolated from such lesions.
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Embolic (septic) nephritis
Sporadic juvenile lymphoma
Renal amyloidosis
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