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The following lesions were observed in a 10-month-old Friesian calf carcass:

  • Increased liver size with very pale coloration.
  • Generalized increase in size and redness of lymph nodes, some of them had white nodules.
  • Kidneys: multiple punctiform whitish lesions.
  • Enlarged spleen.

Pale kidneys with punctiform whitish lesions and generalised enlargement and reddening of lymph nodes (arroheads).


Pale enlarged liver (hepatomegaly).


What is your diagnosis? (47)


Histopathology revealed lesions consistent with a multicentric lymphoma. Immunohistochemical characterisation showed it was a B cell type (CD20 positive, CD3 negative) typical of the sporadic juvenile lymphoma in cattle.  Spain is oficially free of bovine enzootic leucosis since 1999, but it still is a notifiable disease of the OIE list, present in some countries of the european continent.
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What is your diagnosis? (47)

Bovine enzootic leucosis
Amyloidosis (secondary to an inflammatory process)
Septic nephritis and hepatitis (Trueperella pyogenes)
Sporadic juvenile lymphoma
Generalized anemia (secondary to haemorrhagic diathesis)
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