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In an 11-month-old Friesian male calf, a change of coloration was observed in the liver. It was pale and with a fibrotic appearance. The associated lymph nodes were reactive (increased in size).

Liver with pale coloration..

When sectioned it shows a fibrotic appearance.

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The histopathological study demonstrated a generalized intense hepatic fibrosis associated to a generalized chronic interstitial hepatitis. This lesion is compatible with chronic cholangiohepatitis, that is, an inflammation of the bile ducts and the liver parenchyma. The most likely cause is bacterial (for example, coliforms or streptococci) and involves a mechanism similar to ascending urinary tract infections, but from the digestive tract. It may also be a consequence of a bacteremia (for example, Salmonella) but one would expect to see lesions in other organs in the latter case.
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Necrotizing hepatitis
Hepatic lipidosis
Chronic colangiohepatitis
Hepatic cirrhosis
Juvenile sporadic lymphoma
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