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In a 29-month-old Frisian cow carcass, a change in the  color of the liver was observed, it appeared blackened and with hardened consistency. The regional lymph nodes were increased in size and edematous.


Generalized colour change of the liver.


The consistency of the viscera was increased.


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The histopathological study shows a very intense and widespread hyperemia of centrilobular distribution  that causes extensive and severe degeneration and atrophy of the hepatic parenchyma in all the central and middle zones (and also the periportal zone in some lobules). This lesion is classified as a subacute hepatic passive hyperemia (congestion)  with severe degeneration and hepatic atrophy. A common cause that would explain this type of finding is a possible cardiopathy of the animal, although histologically it can not be confirmed. Reabsorption of extravasated fluid due to increased blood pressure would explain the edematous aspect of lymph nodes.

Intense centrilobular hepatic congestion. At a higher magnification hepatocyte atrophy can be observed (asterisk). 

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Hepatic congestion
Hepatic melanosis
Hepatic amiloidosis
Hepatic hematoma
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