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A 12-cm-long, 6-cm-wide abdominal mass, of hardened consistency, was found in a 6-month old, hybrid breed sow. It was attached to the urethra at the point of entry to the urine bladder.

Mass adhered to the urethra at the point of entry to the urinary bladder.

On the right, urinary bladder sectioned longitudinally , it can be observed how the urethra enters the mass.

When sectioned the mass has a witish colouration, hemorrhagic in its periphery.


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The histopathological study showed that the mass is formed by a hyperplasia of glandular tissue with an intense fibrous reaction. Morphologically, the tissue reminds that of the prostate gland, since it is a female, it is possible that the origin of the same is a parauretral gland (Skene's Gland).
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Prostatic adenoma
Transitional carcinoma
Glandular hyperplasia
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