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In a female, cross bred, 11-month-old calf, a granuloma of whitish color measuring approximately 1cm in diameter is seen in the fascia of the right diaphragm pillar and protruding on its visceral face. The granuloma is not located in the muscle, but between the fascia and peritoneum.

Granuloma located in the diaphragm pillar fascia.


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The histopathological study showed that it was a piogranulomatous lesion with the presence of abundant eosinophils, therefore of probable parasitic origin. The location of the lesion, outside the muscle tissue, suggests that it is an inflammatory reaction to a Cysticercus tenuicollis cyst (visceral cysticercosis) but, through a technique of immunohistochemistry, it was found that it was Cysticercus bovis ( muscle cysticercosis). Please note that this is a rare and infrequent presentation of this lesion. C.bovis lesions are usually found in the muscles (masseter, myocardium, diaphragm).
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Cysticercus tenuicollis
Tuberculosis (pearl disease)
Cysticercus bovis
Cysticercus cellullosae
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