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In a 6 months old, hybrid pig carcass, the following lesion was observed in the lung:

Single caseous lesion, non encapsulated, in the lung parenchyma.


What is your diagnosis? (58)


The histopathological study shows that it is a focal area of  pulmonary parenchyma necrosis, it is a subacute lesion, since it was not encapsulated, we will not talk about pulmonary sequestration, which is a more chronic lesion. Microbiological culture allowed isolating grampositive, anaerobic bacteria with cocci and filamentous-bacilli  morphology, compatible with Actinomyces sp.. In this type of lesion the most likely differential would have been a pulmonary abscess caused by T.pyogenes. If you had chosen this option it wasn't that wrong in the end! 😉
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Question 1
What is your diagnosis?
Pulmonary sequestration (Pasteurella multocida)
Pulmonary granuloma (Mycobacterium avium)
Pulmonary sequestration (Actinobacllus pleuropneumoniae)
Focal pulmonary necrosis (Actinomyces sp.)
Pulmonary abscess (Trueperella pyogenes)
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