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In a 12-year-old Aubrac cow, a pedunculate mass of about 30cm in diameter was observed in the ventral region of the neck. The animal presented several additional masses of similar appearance and smaller size on the palate and in the left mandibular region.

Pedunculated nodule adhered to the ventral cervical region.

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The histopathological study revealed multifocal to coalescent granulomatous-suppurative dermatitis lesions, very chronic in nature, severe and with presence of intralesional bacteria. The microbiological culture allowed isolating a pure growth of Trueperella pyogenes.
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Cutaneous fibropapilloma
Wooden tongue (Actinobacillus lignieresii)
Nerve sheath tumour
Granulomatous-suppurative dermatitis (Trueperella pyogenes)
Goitre (thyroid gland hyperplasia)
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