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In two pig carcases, males, of hybrid breed of about 6 months of age, the presence of whitish nodular lesions adhered to the peritoneal serosa can be seen in the abdominal cavity. The lymph nodes are hyperplastic and it is unknown if the thoracic cavity was affected.


Witish nodules with a smooth surface in the serosa of the liver and the diaphragm.


The same lesion coud be observed on the spleen capsule and on the mesenterium.

Detail of the lesion on the spleen, once the sample was fixed and sectioned.


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The histopathological study demonstrated a granulomatous peritonitis, but it was not possible to establish which agent had caused it. The presence of  gram-positive bacteria (staining of gram) and resistant alcohol acid bacilli (Ziehl Neelsen staining for Micobacteria) was ruled out, no fungal compatible structures (Groccott staining) nor parasites were observed. And a neoplasic process was also ruled out.
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Fungal peritonitis
Bacterial peritonitis
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