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In a 6-month-old pig carcass, there are darkened areas distributed in a multifocal manner in the different lung lobes, well delimited, which make a slight prominence. No alteration of the lymph nodes was observed.

Pig lung with multifocal hemorrhagic lesions and involvement of the pleura.

Detail of the lesions, when cut can be observed that deepens in the parenchyma.


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In this case we did not receive samples, so a laboratorial confirmation was not possible but the images are compatible with Actinobacillus pleuropneumoniae lesions. Some strains of this bacterium cause this type of multifocal lesions, the raised areas correspond to the areas lesioned by the bacterium and consist of necrotic-haemorrhagic pneumonia. The pleura is usually also involved (pleuritis).
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Question 1
What is your diagnosis?
Necrotic-hemorrhagic pneumonia (Actinobacillus pleuropneumoniae).
Pulmonary haemorrhage (African Swine Fever virus).
Multifocal melanoma (methastasis).
Embolic pneumonia
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