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On this occasion we ask the question the other way around, we present you images of the histopathological study of the muscle of a cattle slaughterhouse case. Do you know what pathology it is?


What is your diagnosis? (68)


The images correspond to muscle sections with a viable vesicle of Cysticercus bovis, a larval phase of Taenia saginata. You can see the structures that make up the scolex. It is a zoonosis: bovine cysticercosis. The animal presented these vesicles both at the heart and at the masseter muscles.  

Image of the muscle sample after formaline fixation.

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Question 1
What is your diagnosis?
Peripheral nerve sheath tumor
Vascular hamartoma
Myocardial adenomatoid tumor
Bovine cysticercosis
Eosinophilic myositis
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