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In a six months old lamb, multifocal nodular lesions were observed in the lungs. Inspectors suspected a parasitic lesion. They did not report the presence of lymph nodes lesions.

Multifocal sub-pleural nodular lesions in the lungs of a lamb.

When sectioned these lesions are encapsulated and present a caseous appearance.

When performing sections of the pulmonary parenchyma, also deeper, coalescent, lesions of different sizes can be observed. In the image above, surrounding the trachea bifurcation.


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The histopathological study demonstrated lesions compatible with a granulomatous-necrotizing pneumonia of bacterial etiology. The presence of gram positive bacteria within the lesions could be identified. Most likely due to Corynebacterium pseudotuberculosis. Although this diagnosis allows to rule out tuberculosis, the macroscopic apearace is compatible with this diagnosis, thus, it was necessary to proceed with the laboratory analysis of the case.
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Tuberculosis / M.tuberculosis complex
Lung abscesses / T.pyogenes
Suppurative bronchopneumonia
Hydatidosis / E.granulosus
Caseous lymphadenitis / Pseudotuberculosis
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