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In a 20-year-old cross-breed cow, a focal multivesicular lesion was on the liver parenchyma.

Focal area with multiple vesicles in the liver of a cow.


Detail of the lesion when sectioned, it presented a yellowish and fibrous appearance with abundant mineralization.


Detail of one of the largest vesicles.


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The histopathological study demonstrated lesions compatible with a chronic granulomatous hepatitis of parasitic etiology. The presence of multiple cestode cysts in different stages of degeneration could be identified, surrounded by an inflammatory granulomatous reaction, rich in eosinophilic polymorphonucleates and abundant fibrosis. The intraperenchymatous location and the morphology of cysts, indicate it is, most likely, a case of hydatic cysts (Equinococcus granulosus).
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Hepatic carcinoma
Biliary cystadenoma
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