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An eleven-month-old Frisian calf carcass shows widespread alteration of adipose tissue with an edematous appearance and yellowish coloration.

Appearance of subpleural fat on the wall of the thoracic cavity.


Appearance of adipose tissue on the diaphragm wall on the abdominal side.


Appearance of perirenal adipose tissue.


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The histopathological study revealed lesions compatible with granulomatous steatitis, otherwise known as yellow fat disease, which is associated with diets rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids and tocopherol deficiency (Vitamin E).

Adipòcits degenerats envoltats per un infiltrat inflamatori granulomatós.

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Question 1

What is your diagnosis?

Serous atrophy of fatty tissue
Fat necrosis
Granulomatous steatitits (yellow fat disease)
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