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In a 6-month-old pig carcass of hybrid breed, a marked bilateral increase in the size of the kidneys was observed, they present a pale coloration. Upon section, the renal parenchyma has multiple cavities giving it a sponge-like appearance. (EV)

Marked increase in size and pallor of the kidneys.

Upon section the renal parenchyma presents multiple cystic cavities.

Detail of the lesion, spongy-looking.

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Histology showed lesions compatible with a polycystic kidney. Renal dysplasia would fit in the differential diagnosis but gives a very different image, you can see it here. We speak of hydronephrosis when dilation of the renal pelvis occurs with the consequent atrophy of the renal parenchyma, associated to a distal obstruction of the urinary tract. The other two names: glomerulonephritis and interstitial nephritis refer to inflammation of different parts of the kidney.

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Renal dysplasia
Policystic kidney
Interstitial neprhritis
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