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In a batch of six, 2.5 month old, lamb carcasses, 4 animals were observed with jaundice and splenomegaly.

The meat inspectors submitted a blood smear that showed changes compatible with a hemolytic regenerative anemia. Histologically the splenic tissue presents with a macrophage hyperplasia. (EV)

La canal de l'esquerra presenta una tonalitat groga del greix i un augment de mida de la melsa (sageta).

The left carcass has a yellow discolouration of the fatty tissue and an increase in the size of the spleen (arrow).


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PCR confirmed the presence of Anaplasma ovis in the spleen sample, the presence of DNA from pyroplasmas (Theileria spp., Babesia spp.) was also ruled out. This bacterium, which causes hemolysis (rupture of erythrocytes), causes the lesions observed due to an increase in the processing of parasited erythocytes (macrophage increase in the spleen and an excess of prehepatic bilirubin appears which explains the yellowish change in color).

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Theileria spp.
Babesia spp.
Mycoplasma ovis (formerly Eperithrozoon ovis)
Anaplasma ovis
Leptospira spp.
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