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Pig carcasses with black guts


Samples were submitted of pig intestines from a batch in which 100 animals showed a black coloration of the intestinal mucosa along its entire length. The coloration was limited to the mucosa without delving into the other layers of the intestine. No lesions were reported in other viscera. (more…)

What is your diagnosis? (80)


At the end of the post you can vote for the right diagnosis!  (more…)

Haemorrhages in a pig carcass: Don’t panic!

With the recent detection of cases of African Swine Fever (ASF) in wild boars in Belgium, anyone can see that there is a certain risk of introduction of this disease into our territory. Also Classical Swine Fever (CSF) might be introduced. Therefore it is essential that all the actors involved in the pig sector are trained and alert. Two essential aspects for the control of these diseases are biosecurity and a good system of passive surveillance that ensures an early diagnosis.


The case of the pig with its belly full of foam


In a male, hybrid breed, 6 months old, pig carcass, upon opening the abdominal cavity, a large amount of serosanguinolent exudate with fibrin remains and an abundant amount of white foam was observed. The viscera had adherences between them and to the walls. (more…)

Parasites? No, peripheral nerve sheath tumors


On the same week, we received two suspected cases of bovine cysticercosis due to muscle lesions observed in two cattle from different geographical sources. (more…)

Purple coloured large intestine wild boars


Through game meat processing establishments images were submitted of wild boars captured in the Alt Emporda region in Catalonia with an intense purple coloration of the large intestine. (more…)

African Swine Fever lesions


The African Swine fever (ASF) virus is already present in Europe (see the post African swine fever, not only an African disease). Since there is a chance that the virus ends up reaching our latitudes, in this post, we wanted to review some of the typical lesions that that should elicit a suspect a case of ASF in the slaughterhouse. (more…)

Green mass on the urinary bladder of a pig carcass


In a 3 year old sow a marked thickening of the urinary bladder wall was osberved along with the presence of a greenish mass. (more…)

What is your diagnosis? (8)


At the end of the post you can vote for the right diagnosis! (more…)

Reddish lesions in the intestine of chicken


Hemorrhagic spots are relatively often observed in the intestinal wall of chickens, at the duodenum level. (more…)

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