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Hematomas in broiler carcasses


We received a request with images of different broiler carcasses affected with similar lesions and were asked about the correct lesional nomenclature and an interpretation of the lesions. (more…)

Anaplasmosis in lamb carcasses with jaundice and splenomegaly


We have recently received several inquiries due to an increased number of lamb carcass condemation due to an increase of the spleen size (splenomegaly) and yellowish discolouration of the carcass (jaundice or icterus). (more…)

What is your diagnosis? (83)


At the end of the post you can vote for the right diagnosis!  (more…)

Haemorrhages in a pig carcass: Don’t panic!

With the recent detection of cases of African Swine Fever (ASF) in wild boars in Belgium, anyone can see that there is a certain risk of introduction of this disease into our territory. Also Classical Swine Fever (CSF) might be introduced. Therefore it is essential that all the actors involved in the pig sector are trained and alert. Two essential aspects for the control of these diseases are biosecurity and a good system of passive surveillance that ensures an early diagnosis.


Febrile carcasses in pig slaughterhouses


The concept of “febrile carcass” (a.k.a. fevered carcass, in spanish carnes febriles) is frequently used in the inspection of carcasses in the slaughterhouse to  describe carcassses that show extensive alterations in coloration and texture. (more…)

Horse carcasses with yellow fat disease


In the last months  4 cases of horse carcasses with an abnormal yellowish-brown coloration of adipose tissue have been submitted. (more…)

Black subcutaneous lesion in the neck of a calf


In a 7 months old, male, friesian calf a blackish discolouration area was observed in the connective tissue of the caudal cervical region. The lesion was unilateral and the preescapular lymph node was slightly increased in size. (more…)

eter carotenoids
eter carotenoids

Bilirubin vs. Carotenoids


In a male, Rotbunte breed, 18 months old, bovine carcass a yellowish discoloration was observed in the adipose tissue, tendons and lymph nodes. The latter were slightly enlarged and edematous. (more…)

Brown fat horse carcass


In a 5 years old mare a discoloration of adipose tissue was observed. It presented a brownish coloration of both subcutaneous and visceral fat (more…)

Subcutaneous nodule in the flank of a 3 years old friesian cow


In a three years old female friesian cow a nodule was observed in the flank measuring 20 cm in diameter and of medium hardness. (more…)

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