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Yasser Mahmmod: “It’s just a wonderful feeling when your job is to improve the current knowledge to give a better health for animals”

The whale located in the Catalan coast this Easter was killed by a ship

Students from the school Torre de la Llebre of Rubí visit us to make a scientific videogame

Rift Valley virus study made by IRTA-CReSA and INIA-CISA is awarded by the Royal Entomological Society

Sewage reveals levels of antimicrobial resistance worldwide

IRTA and CIBERNED sign an agreement to investigate prion diseases

One Health: human, animals and ecosystems

A new European network is born to fight against mosquito-borne diseases

The “Aedes Invasive Mosquitoes” (AIM) COST Action Program has received four years of funding to develop synergies between scientists and public health professionals to deal with invasive mosquitoes Aedes that can transmit diseases such as Dengue, Zika, the West Nile virus fever and the Chikungunya. The IRTA-CReSA researcher Núria Busquets is a member of the Management Committee of this initiative, with the participation of IRTA-CReSA researcher Sandra Talavera and Carles Aranda, entomologist of the Mosquito Control Service of the Baix Llobregat and associate researcher at IRTA-CReSA.