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New doctoral thesis about the bovine tuberculosis in the herds

In mid-September, the PhD student of CReSA, Sintayehu Guta, read his doctoral thesis about the epidemiology of bovine tuberculosis.

New strategies to improve tuberculosis control in goats

Dr. Bernat Pérez de Val, researcher of CReSA, read his thesis titled “New vaccines and diagnostic strategies for the control of tuberculosis. The goat model”, where he studies the efficacy of new vaccines and diagnostic reagents to fight against this infectious disease caused by Mycobacterium tuberculosis complex bacteria, which possesses high rates of mortality and morbidity worldwide.

Goats, domestic reservoirs of bovine tuberculosis

Goats are thought to play a role in the epidemiology of bovine tuberculosis, but there is not much field evidence of the transmission of the bacteria from goats to cattle. We report the epidemiological investigation of an outbreak of bovine tuberculosis in a dairy cattle herd, which revealed a neighboring goat herd as the most likely source of infection.