EFSA publishes the results of the HOTLINE project with the participation of IRTA-CReSA

The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) has published the results of the Harmonisation Of Transmissible disease Interpretation in the EU (HOTLINE) project. The IRTA-CReSA researchers Ana Alba and Sebastian Napp, from the Subprogram of Epidemiology and risk analysis, participate in the interpretation of surveillance results in animal health from samples taken between different countries.

Most of the countries collect data on diseases according to their management and study needs. This means that there are differences in sampling schemes and diagnostic methods in each country, and that the data is not compatible with each other. The HOTLINE project aims to make disease information comparable and interpretable through different sampling and testing configurations.

The results of the project have been published this July:

Kostoulas, P., Giovannini, A., Alba, A., Comin, A., Meletis, E., Iannetti, S., … & Solomakos, N. (2019). Harmonisation Of Transmissible disease Interpretation in the EU (HOTLINE). EFSA Supporting Publications16(7), 1678E.

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