Cysticercosis and biosecurity: CReSA topics at the ISAH Congress 2009

Researchers of the Epidemiology Unit of the CReSA took part in the XIV International Congress in Animal Hygiene (ISAH Congress 2009) that was hold in Vechta, Germany. The topics of the two posters communications were bovine cysticercosis and biosecurity.

The ISAH Congress 2009 was hold last July 19-23, 2009, in Vechta, Germany. The mission of the International Society for Animal Hygiene (ISAH) is promoting animal health, animal welfare, biosecurity, environmental protection and the sustainability of animal husbandry through improving the knowledge, promoting the research and creation of interdisciplinary networks, and transferring knowledge and information.

The contributions of the CReSA are summarized next:

Update of Bovine Cysticercosis in Catalonia (North East Spain)
Allepuz, A; Napp, S; Panades, J; Ortuno, A; Gutierrez, J; Morato, J; Codony, F; Fittipaldi, M; Adrados, B; Domingo, M; Casal, J.
The aim of this work was to update the results of the monitoring programme with data from 2008, and test the hypothesis of water supply as the most likely route of infection. The presence of new affected farms during 2008 and the increase in the number of slaughterhouses reporting infected animals, suggested a continuous exposure to T. saginata eggs. Water supply for animals continues to appear as the most frequent route of infection.

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Perception of Importance of Biosecurity Measures by Veterinarians and Farmers on Swine Spanish Farms
Simon-Grife, M; Garcia, I; Allepuz, A; Casal, J.
The objective of this study was to analyze the influence of the opinion of the veterinarians on the importance that farmers attribute to the different biosecurity measures. Results are interesting given that introduction of animals in a farm has been considered the most common way for introduction of new diseases.

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