Workshop on epidemiology organized by the FAO and CReSA

The workshop 'Analysis and representation of surveillance data' by the FAO and CReSA took place in Barcelona from 3rd to 7th of December 2012.

Organized by CReSA and the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), the workshop counted on the participation of twenty professionals in total from the veterinarian services of several countries belonging to the Mediterranean Animal Health Network (REMESA).Veterinarians from Mauritania, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, Italy, Spain and Egypt participated in the workshop. The academic training was given by the researchers of the 'Veterinary epidemiology and risk assessment' subprogram of CReSA.

The course aimed to provide fundamental knowledge of the current animal health surveillance, as well as to teach the management of new available tools for the collection, analysis, interpretation and spatial representation of data retrieved from surveillance systems. For this purpose, theoretical and practical sessions were combined.

Throughout the workshop, the participants showed an active and enthusiastic attitude that allowed the exchange of ideas and an open discussion in relation to the surveillance of diseases like Rift Valley fever, peste des petits ruminants, or avian influenza.

To contact with the 'Veterinary epidemiology and risk assessment' subprogram:

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