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Our commitment is to attract the best professionals to share our values and our concerns, and to develop your talent and let you enjoy an exciting work environment in which people can carry out their professional aspirations.

If you wish to know the present vacancies at CReSA, you can find further information about them on Job Openings.

Our values

At CReSA, we work on every aspect of research and technological development, studies and education in the area of animal health. Our desire is that our work will have a positive impact on the knowledge and control of those diseases with economic, sanitary or public health repercussions affecting animals.

Our collaborators

Key factors to achieving this are our collaborators. CReSA brings together high-quality human potential in the area of animal health.We make an effort to obtain a motivating work environment, in which quality research and the application of vanguard technologies are promoted.

Moreover, CReSA is committed to training, and is a source of research projects and doctoral theses with the subsequent formation of new researchers.

International projection

CReSA actively promotes the projection of the center by participating in projects with other institutions and research centers.

Likewise, there is a policy of receiving foreign researchers. In addition, short stays abroad are promoted among CReSA’s PhD students and researchers.

The researchers maintain open lines of communication with other scientists, veterinarians and producers’ associations, thereby enhancing the transfer of information at the international level.

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Currently there are no open positions.
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