Vigilance plan for detecting the circulation of the bluetongue disease in Catalan territory by means of detection and control of its vectors

Bluetongue is a viral disease of obligatory notification that affects ovine animals; cattle are carriers of it. It is caused by a virus and transmitted by midges of the Culicoides genus.

The Department of Agriculture, Food and Rural Action (DAR) of the Generalitat of Catalonia takes action against it on three levels: permanent vigilance, alerts when new foci of the disease are detected in nearby epidemiological areas and emergency steps when the disease is declared present in Catalonia.

CReSA’s Entomology Unit carries out the Entomological Vigilance Plan against Bluetongue in Catalonia. It has a network of 13 sampling points uniformly distributed throughout the entire Catalan geographic area. The samples, which contain the vector midges, are collected weekly and are analysed and taxonomically diagnosed at CReSA.

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