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Biocat’s institutional visit to CReSA

On September 5, 2013, Montserrat Vendrell (CEO at Biocat) and Àlex Casta (head of technology transfer and innovation at Biocat) visited the CReSA facilities in Bellaterra. 

CReSA on the radio

This summer, current issues in animal health have been listened on the radio. Topics discussed are the risk of entrance of foot-and mouth disease and avian influenza in our country, and the characteristics of the high biological unit of CReSA.

CReSA on television

A report at Barcelona TV and an interview at TV3 allowed the public to know CReSA and the high biological security building located in Bellaterra.

Have your say on how to continue to do research in times of austerity

Austerity has taken its toll and disturbed research cycles across Europe. Particularly affected are scientists from Southern Europe.

Your voice on research in Europe

Euroscience is a European non-profit grassroots association the mission of which is to be a voice for and to European scientists, an anchor point for all those who want to interact with a European scientific voice, and a platform for policy-makers to connect to scientists and scientific institutions at a European level.

CReSAPIENS nº 3; Animal health vaccines

CReSAPIENS issue number 3 is now available. The world of animal health vaccines is a passionate world that you will discover through the CReSA experts.

A blog from us, for everybody

What do you know about the CReSA?

Do you know that…  we study animal diseases, including those that can be a public health problem?  … we analyze if cows sacrified in Catalan slaughterhouses are infected by prions (“mad cows” disease)? … we carry on avian flu and West Nile virus surveillance? … we organize guided tours around our laboratories for secondary level students every year?  … we have a videoclip channel and a journal for the public in general?

More than 100 science teachers attended a workshop organized by the CReSA

The “I update workshop for science teachers” organitzed by the CReSA was hold in July 2012, 4. This first edition was entitled “Zoonosis: concepts, tehcniques and biosafety” and was very successful, with more that 100 registrations.