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Updated edition of the Atlas of Avian Necropsy with participation of IRTA-CReSA

Available the new “Atlas of Avian Necropsy: Macroscopic Diagnosis Sampling” (Spanish) written by Roser Dolz Pascual and Natàlia Majó Masferrer, Professor of the Department of Animal Health and Anatomy of the Veterinary School of the UAB and researcher attached to the Center for Research in Animal Health (IRTA-CReSA).

African swine fever, frequently asked questions

What is the current status of the African Swine Fever virus? What is the resistance of the virus? What are its transmission routes? And the forms of infection? What can we do to prevent it? Dr. Llilianne Ganges, IRTA-CReSA researcher and OIE expert on Classical Swine Fever virus answers these questions.

How much does Bovine cysticercosis cost us?

Taenia saginata is a zoonotic parasite that causes taeniosis in people (definitive host) and cysticercosis in cattle  (intermediate host). The adult form of the parasite or tapeworm develops in the small intestine of people (taeniasis) while the larval or cysticercus form establishes in the musculature of cattle (cysticercosis).

From farm to fork, through the slaughterhouse