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Foremilk and udder cleft skin pose new reservoirs niches to digital dermatitis-associated ‘Treponema’ species in dairy cattle

Teat skin colonization with contagious mastitis pathogens increase the risk of bovine intramammary infections

New diagnostics to detect contagious mastitis pathogens in different niches of cow udder

Bovine Fascioliasis: Neglected Infectious Tropical Disease with Recent Re-Emergence in The Nile Delta of Egypt

Bovine fascioliasis is a parasitic infectious disease caused by the common liver fluke Fasciola spp (F. gigantica and F. hepatica). It result in significant economic losses due to reduction in milk production, loss of appetite and loss of weight, increase anthelmintic use and veterinary service. Additionally, it is one of the most common zoonotic parasitic diseases according to the World Health Organization in developing countries.

Application of MALDI-TOF assay for identification and differentiation of mastitis-causing pathogens from milk and non-milk samples