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(Català) Un cas zoonotic de tuberculosi poliresistent a antimicrobians

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IRTA is involved in 2 projects funded by the Catalan Ministry of Health to fight COVID-19

The results of existing drugs against SARS-CoV-2 will be published in real time

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One-step towards a new coronavirus vaccine

Les superfícies i els estris de cuina han d'estar netes.

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Bovine Fascioliasis: Neglected Infectious Tropical Disease with Recent Re-Emergence in The Nile Delta of Egypt

Bovine fascioliasis is a parasitic infectious disease caused by the common liver fluke Fasciola spp (F. gigantica and F. hepatica). It result in significant economic losses due to reduction in milk production, loss of appetite and loss of weight, increase anthelmintic use and veterinary service. Additionally, it is one of the most common zoonotic parasitic diseases according to the World Health Organization in developing countries.