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Mixomatosis in hares – Video of the project ‘MIXOlepus’

The Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus (MERS-CoV) follows a seasonal pattern in the Arabian Peninsula

The whale located in the Catalan coast this Easter was killed by a ship

Zoonotic Tuberculosis, a public health challenge?

IRTA and CIBERNED sign an agreement to investigate prion diseases

Liebre ibérica. Juan Lacruz CC-BY

IRTA coordinates the group ‘MIXOlepus’ to face mixomatosis in the hare

Myxomatosis is a disease that mainly affected rabbits, but recent outbreaks have been detected in the Iberian hare for the first time. The working group ‘MIXOlepus’, coordinated by the researcher of the Animal Health Program of IRTA Ignacio Badiola and from the sub-program of endemic diseases, will study the disease with the aim of developing a vaccine.

Pigs and llamas are also susceptible to be infected by MERS-CoV

Citizen campaign to avoid African swine fever

The Government of Catalonia launches an information campaign aimed at the whole society with the aim of preventing the arrival of African Swine Fever (PPA) in Catalonia and detect it as soon as possible if there is some suspicious case.